Kamaole Beach Parks

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our proposed approach

The County of Maui aims to balance access to our beautiful natural resources while continuing to improve our stewardship of our ‘aina.  The PARK MAUI program will require non-residents to pay for parking at all beach parks.  Maui County residents will continue to enjoy access to our parks without fees.

what we're doing

The parking lot Kamaole Parks in Kihei is optimal for a streamlined implementation process. This park is a popular destination for full-time and part-time Maui residents which will allow the County to evaluate strategies for this user group through PARK MAUI.

Where are you in the pilot phase

Summer 2022 – Procurement for Parking Operator 

Fall 2022 – Procurement for parking equipment and mobile parking vendor. Maui County Code changes to enable paid parking and establishment of rates and fees.

Winter 2022/23 – Installation of parking equipment and testing. Pilot goes live!