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Wailuku parking structure to open in September

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(The Maui News) - The four-story, 393-stall parking structure that aims to clear up street parking in Wailuku town is set to open Sept. 1, according to Maui County and construction officials. Church Street will debut as a two-way street in August to get drivers used to the new configuration before the parking garage opens the following month, Dowling Co. Construction Manager Brian Ige said.

“It was very challenging for construction crews both on the roadways and at the parking structure, but now we’re at the point where we can see a day we can open it, which will be Sept. 1,” Ige told the Wailuku Community Association last week. “So hopefully the town will get back to normal and become as vibrant as it was before the construction started. It’s been a long three years but we’re almost there.”

Ige explained that the main entrance and only exit from the parking garage will be along Church Street. There will be another entrance along a new access road from Market Street, which has been open since April 17.

Under the proposed plan that will go to the Maui County Council for review, residents would get two hours of free parking at the structure, while visitors would pay $1 an hour upon entry, according to Erin Wade of the Maui County Department of Management. Residents parking for longer than two hours also would pay $1 an hour, though employees of any Wailuku town business could purchase employee permits at $30 a month for a general pass or $10 a month for those making low income (85 percent or below the area median income).



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