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New PARK MAUI program would charge visitors to park at Maui’s most visited areas

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Maui County moves closer to charging visitors to park at beaches and other popular areas. Officials said the PARK MAUI program is about restoring the balance between the community and the hospitality industry.

“It’s basically an opportunity for the county to start to manage and mitigate some of the parking challenges that have been experienced honestly for decades,” explained Julie Dixon, president of Dixon Resources Unlimited.

The parking management program would require visitors to pay for parking while allowing locals to have free access.

It includes Ulua Beach and Kamaole Beach Park III in South Maui to start and streets in heavily visited areas like Lahaina and Wailuku.

“Beach rates could be anywhere from $10 to potentially as high as $30,” Dixon said. “Again, a lot of it’s going to depend upon the location, the time of year, the seasonality aspect of it.”

She said the money from the program would be reinvested in the community, and violators would be given parking citations.

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