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Maui County unveils new Hybrid Electric buses

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The County of Maui Department of Transportation unveiled six new GILLIG BAE hybrid electric buses today. The 35-foot ADA low-floor energy efficient buses will initially be deployed within Central Maui and can carry up to 40 passengers.

One of the key features of these GILLIG hybrid electric buses is that through the creation of geofencing technologies, green zones can be setup along the bus routes where the buses will have the capability to run on full electric mode. The buses have rooftop batteries powered by a diesel generator capable of producing up to 31.8-kilowatts.

“These hybrid buses represent an investment in protecting the environment and improving the health and quality of life of our residents,” Mayor Michael Victorino said. “With improved fuel efficiency, we save money and reduce carbon emissions that contribute to global warming and climate change.”

For information about the Maui Bus, including its fixed routes and ADA paratransit program, visit https://www.mauicounty.gov/125/Department-of-Transportation or call (808) 270-7511.



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