our progress


A roadmap on how far we’ve come and where we’re going.

The following timeline outlines the work completed to date and the estimated timing for future steps. Regular updates will be posted to this PARK MAUI website. Schedule is subject to change.


Assembled initial focus groups
Defined County roles and responsibilities
Determined strategies for community outreach
Development of a unique program brand and online platform
Evaluated existing County Codes


Develop a long-term plan for technology and operations
Determine initial pilot locations (Spring)
Updates to the County Code (Summer)
Establish a Revolving Fund and define revenue distributions (Summer)
Procurement of parking technology and services (Summer)
Expand Department of Transportation staffing (Fall)
Begin public outreach campaign (Summer)


Wailuku parking garage opens with paid parking (Winter/Spring)
Implement program at initial pilot locations (Winter)
Parking Operator begins services (Winter/Spring)
Ongoing public outreach
PARK MAUI mobile application pilot (Winter/Spring)
Employee parking programs introduced (Winter/Spring)
Ongoing data collection to evaluate next steps (Summer)


Ongoing public outreach
Ongoing data collection to evaluate next steps
Program generates revenue to invest in improvements
Program expanded to high demand locations


During this process, we invite you to to plan with us. Your feedback on projects and policies is critical as it helps guide our decisions. We extend a big mahalo to all who participate.



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